Xbox teases Elite Series 2 Core controllers for September release

Xbox has revealed a bit more about their upcoming Elite Series 2 “Core” controllers, including the different bundles, merch, price tags and more with a brand-new trailer. The controllers are scheduled to release on September 21st, 2022.

For a quick review of the new features, you can watch the full trailer for these controllers on Xbox’s official YouTube channel here:

The original Elite Series 2 controllers were first announced back in May, promoting all of the various features that improve on previous models. This includes thumbsticks with adjustable tension, faster trigger responses, rubberized grips and so forth.

However, the new trailer teases a “Core” model that will be cheaper, by simply omitting some of the more elaborate interchangeable components that are available for the primary black controller ($180 USD). Both controllers include all of the same functions, and the Core even includes the thumbstick tool for adjustment.

However, fans can choose to shave off $50 USD by leaving out the paddles, additional thumbsticks, D-pad and carrying case. In fact, according to the official blog, these premium components could always be purchased separately later on for $60.

Ultimately, all of it is a little pricey, and the controllers don’t seem up to par compared to the advancements that PlayStation is offering with their DualSense technology. However, Xbox’s Core model is a great opportunity for more casual players who aren’t sure about investing so deeply. You’ll be able to test out the controller, and if you enjoy it, wait for the extra components to go on sale sometime.

Also, the practical improvements that are included will be surely make a difference in comfort. That’s absolutely crucial for gamers who play for extensive periods of time, such as pros, content creators and enthusiasts.

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