Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reveals final interview before launch

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been met with almost universal praise ahead of its launch on July 29th, so fans can learn more about what to expect from chapter three of Nintendo’s “Ask the Developer” interview.

Much like the previous two, the final interview is quite lengthy, offering plenty for us to break down. Here’s the official tweet from Nintendo of America, which shows off a gorgeous landscape to indicate the focus of the interview:

Speaking again with Tetsuya Takahashi, Koh Kojima and Genki Yokota, the last interview mainly concentrates on the process of content production. It seems there were more than a few debates about the potential volume of content, and ultimately finding the perfect balance.

Kojima explains that the story dictates the world and gameplay. Takahashi mentions that he enjoys “an abundance of content”, but carefully builds on a foundation of the minimum volume expected from the RPG genre.

The interview is actually filled with a lot of laughs about ambitious ideas that sometimes need to be pulled back. It’s explained that the new title will have five times more area to explore than the previous installment.

Players will have access to navigation this time, for such an expansive area. While that may divide fans, it will also make an easier experience for newcomers. And with so much content, fans can freely take a break and return to the game without getting lost.

But it partly breaks the immersion and could even dissuade players from exploring side quests. That would sour the new gameplay, since it introduces exchangeable Heroes that can join your party. and most of the Heroes can only be found through those side quests. Fortunately, players can turn off navigation anytime.

Lastly, the interview covers “Training Drills”, which can help players practice moves if they’re new or returning to the game. The battles will feature several characters, and an auto-battle function for those who are feeling overwhelmed.

Yokota mentions that the Xenoblade series has no intentions of stopping anytime soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for more updates by following our news section!

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