Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reveals story process in “Ask the Developer” interview

Nintendo’s highly anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has released the first chapter of “Ask the Developer”, an interview that reveals how the latest story was created. Fans got to hear from Tetsuya Takahashi, Koh Kojima and Genki Yokota.

Here’s the official announcement from Nintendo of America’s feed, which links to the full interview, a lengthy story with plenty to break down:

The interview begins with a brief explanation of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as an RPG that replaces turn-based combat with real-time control.

Also, it’s noted that this another standalone installment, so that newcomers can jump on board without worrying about missing the first two. Instead, part three is a thematic conclusion.

So, it’s crucial to reiterate that the series focuses on the “relationship between foreign things”. A lot of the interview talks about the friction and unity of foreign people.

It’s explained that part three focuses on very young characters resisting forced combat, with somewhat ambiguous villains that have principles.

The young protagonists only have a lifespan of 10 years. Takahashi reveals that he wanted to concentrate on the most formative years of life, and to tell young generations of players they “can create their own path”. That’s also one of the reasons that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 strays from safe storytelling decisions.

Next, the interview explains how the story is carefully designed for six different protagonists to have equal footing in the progression. Takahashi explains that he had wanted to create an ensemble story for some time.

Lastly, the interview focuses on the ability to “Interlink”, where two characters can fuse to become a single entity during battle. This further reinforces the concept of foreign unity and understanding, a powerful message that feels even more timely than ever.

Nintendo quickly followed up their interview by promising chapter two, which is expected to release tomorrow:

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