YBA Update 1.3 Log and Patch Notes

The new 1.3 update for Your Bizarre Adventure will be released on August 5th, 2022! There are a ton of other bug fixes, content additions, and balances to the game that you will just need to take a look at the update log to see them all!

Some new codes have been added that will give you some freebies, you can find them on our YBA Online Codes page! The below patch notes were released via this Google Document, and have been slightly reformatted.

YBA Update 1.3 Log

New Additions

  • Sword-Style REWORKED!
    • Completely new skill tree!
    • You can now use sword moves while
    • having Anubis equipped
  • Skin Rarities!
    • All stand skins will now have rarities just like Cosmetics and each rarity has different chances in rolling them (common, uncommon, epic, legendary) Stand skins will now have a separate “Limited” label for when they are unobtainable.
  • Increased Pity Count percentage multiplier by 2x and increased the max pity count by 2x
  • Added a new button in Stand Storage that you can click to view your all of your Stand’s unique data
  • Moved your current stand indicator from Settings to Stand Storage
  • Added a new “Stand Shop” that you can toggle in the “Robux Store”!
  • New SKINS!
    • Star Striped Eagle (Magician’s Red //Common)
    • Emperor (Six Pistols // Common)
    • Rock Unleashed (Stone Free // Common)
    • Ms. Aerosmith (Aerosmith // Common)
    • Frozone (White Album // Common)
    • Virus Vessel (Purple Haze // Common)
    • Devil4C (D4C // Common)
    • Actually Red Hot Chili Pepper (Red Hot
    • Chili Pepper // Common)
    • Nonosama Bo (Beach Boy // Common)
    • Train to Hell (D4C Love Train// Uncommon)
    • OVA Emperor (Six Pistols // Uncommon)
    • Elizabeth Liones (Crazy Diamond //Epic)
    • Casull (Six Pistols // Epic)
    • Headhunter (Six Pistols // Legendary)
    • Sukuna (King Crimson Requiem //Legendary)
  • New 1v1 and 2v2 Arena MAP!

Quality of Life

  • Improved the Trading Frame visually!
  • Improved 1v1’s lobby and matchmaking efficiency


  • Reverted Stand Names back to their original JOJO names!
  • Item spawn times will now be 2x faster in servers with more than 8 players!
  • Altered cosmetic rarity percentages
    • Common: 60.5% -> 60%
    • Uncommon: 34% -> 32%
    • Epic: 5% -> 8%
    • Legendary: 0.5% -> 2%
  • Replaced the “Unique” rarity for cosmetics with a new separate “Limited” label for when a cosmetic is unobtainable. All previous “Unique” cosmetics have been given a new rarity!
  • Moved the equipped fighting style indicator from Settings to Style Storage
  • Moved the following menu buttons to the settings frame:
    Cosmetics Button
    Gang Button
  • When in a private server the cmd “/e dummy” will now spawn a killable dummy with 100 HP // type the new cmd “/e godlydummy” to spawn an infinite HP dummy
  • Made it so you skip loading assets and the play screen when loading into Metal Ball Run, 1v1’s, and 2v2’s
  • Reduced the game’s memory by 300 by optimizing the map. If you had crashing problems try to play the game now.
  • Made it so you can chat if you toggle the play screen again
  • Updated the following stand models: Whitesnake, Star Platinum: The World, Sumo World (The World Skin), Aerosmith (stand barrage VFX)


  • Nerfed Vampire Race damage increase (20% > 10%)
  • Reduced Spin Punch Windup
  • Reduced Inhale duration (5s > 3s) and made it so you can’t use The World during Inhale
  • Reduced Star Finger’s range


  • Fixed Steel Ball abilities moving the player
  • Fixed Dashing, Charging Hamon, and Golden Spin causing you to stop sprinting
  • Fixed specific people crashing due to having outdated stand data
  • Patched an exploit that caused very loud music / ambience
  • Patched a godmode exploit
  • Fixed Mobs not working properly when you try to attack them after you respawn sometimes
  • Fixed players appearing to have 0 health until damaged when they respawn
  • Fixed being unable to move/jump when you respawn sometimes
  • Fixed Head Charge breaking you if it gets canceled
  • Fixed Scary Monsters attack hitbox being huge
  • Fixed Frog lifeform not working in Gamemodes

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