Zenless Zone Zero’s gameplay revealed after the closed beta went live

HoYoverse’s new title, Zenless Zone Zero, recently launched its Tuning Test, welcoming a few selected players to explore New Eridu and experience the currently available game features. As a typical occurrence whenever a closed beta program has begun, a few gameplay elements of Zenless Zone Zero were revealed on a variety of online platforms not long after the commencement of its Tuning Test.

Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming free-to-play urban fantasy 3D action role-playing game created by Genshin Impact’s developer, HoYoverse. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the New Eridu remained to be the last inhabitable metropolis for urban civilizations in the world.

In Zenless Zone Zero, players will take on the role of a Proxy, who helps others explore the Hollows or portals where enemies known as Ethereal originated from. As the players make further progress, other characters will be added to their party so that they can continue to battle the Ethereal and any other enemies they encounter. Players can deal more damage and perform more damaging combos on enemies by mixing and matching the abilities of various members of their party.

Meanwhile, Genshin Impact content creators like Enviosity, are already sharing a first look at the gameplay of the new HoYoverse title. As shown in Enviosity’s Youtube Video, Zenless Zone Zero’s combat is comprised of wave-based fights. Before moving on to combat new enemies, players must first overcome the current opponents. After defeating all waves of opponents, players obtain rewards to conclude the battle.

Players can swap between three playable characters in their party. Furthermore, players can Attack, Dash/Dodge, and move, as well as execute each character’s unique Dash Attacks and Combos. Characters can charge their Skills by accumulating Ether Energy through standard attacks and effective dodging. Once the character’s Ether Energy is sufficient, they can perform a Special Attack. Ults or EX Special Attacks are also character-specific abilities that become available when the Decibel Level reaches its maximum. Decibel Level can be boosted by performing Combo Attacks and Dodge Counters.

Currently, Zenless Zone Zero’s official release date is still unknown, considering that the Tuning Test end time has not yet been announced as well. While the beta leaks are already building excitement among potential players, it is still uncertain whether all of the features now available in the beta will be included in the final version. Nonetheless, HoYoverse will surely make adjustments in the future to improve the Zenless Zone Zero gameplay further.

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