Zombie Cure Lab, a zombie base-building strategy game, is launching in December

Zombie Cure Lab is a sandbox game where your focus is not on killing zombies but on curing them. From Thera Bytes GmbH and Aerosoft GmbH, this base-building strategy simulation game is releasing on December 7, 2022, on Early Access via Steam. 

The official release date trailer for Zombie Cure Lab showcases what players can expect from the game regarding simulation building, preparing your workforce, and the re-humanization process.

In Zombie Cure Lab, zombies have overtaken the world. Scientists have finally found the cure for reversing the zombification process, creating zombie-human hybrids. It’s up to you to find the final cure to save humanity in the perfectly built zombie-saving facility. 

This game has four main components: building, managing, researching, and curing. When building, you can construct fences and walls to help protect your scientists and establish efficient labs to help keep your treatment facility running.

When managing your simulation, you must gather resources, set different shifts for your scientists, and manage the different work types. To do this, you are to prioritize and assign jobs to help maximize efficiency and ensure that you help prevent possible outbursts of the virus in the facility.

To help you build a better facility, you’ll need to explore and unlock new technologies. When they’re upgraded, this will allow you to harvest higher-tier materials. You’ll then be able to build more advanced equipment, which will help you progress through all four tech tiers to create the cure. 

While you aim to cure the zombies, you’ll need to catch them with your freezing guns. You’ll transport the zombie ice blocks back to the treatment chamber, where you can turn them into zombie-human hybrids. The hybrids will help you, but if they become unhappy, they may start rampaging. So, make sure you keep them happy and cure the world!

Build your laboratory with a dedicated team and help cure a world filled with zombies in Zombie Cure Lab, launching on December 7, 2022. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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